Zvole 2010

Saturday, May 1, 2010 7:12 AM Posted by Altair

In just a few moments Zvole 2010 will begin. Developed by tireless and willing Calcetines nothing has been uncontrolled but the wilderness.

Zvole 2010 avoid the confortable and crowded roads. Zvole 2010 is wild, natural and unpredictable.

Targeted to the most intrepid iron machines the rally will pass through mountain routes where only the strongest courage and Ural machines can dare to go.

Zvole began its way in 2009 when called by Calcetines a Ural lovers group met and rode through of the tours Calcetines normally do.

The expedition covered hills and valleys. Crossed rivers and left behind some of the most surprising places of all the iberian peninsula.

Pure adventure. A challange for both men and machines.

We wish the best for this year edition. Zvole 2010 is here. Let them enjoy it!

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