Next June 26th and 27th the historic city of Toledo is going to rumble with the sound from the exhaust of all the motorcycles which are going to attend the call from Amigos da Ural Sidecar Clube, the Portugal Ural Club.

Without being closed to Ural bikes, the event pretend to get together all kind of motorcycles dragging a sidecar.

The streets of Toledo, history witness from centuries will be the best scenery for this perfect meeting where the classic will live with the state of the art technology
for some hours.

The meeting agenda has been prepared careful by the people in charge of the Portugal Club and includes guided visits to city highlights and receptions and naturally a lot of fun-

The event counts with the support of the main Spain and Portugal Ural distributors, so the success of the meeting is guaranteed.

If you want further information about the event do not hesitate to contact the Amigos da Ural Sidecar Club here.

Are you going to miss it?

Ural sT

The great news shocked the world (at least the specialized one, not the one dedicated to sell). The old IMZ said yes to the sT project.

Without a doubt the project was aimed since the very beginning to the US market. Guided by IMZ-Motorcycles (the US Ural importer and maybe the main responsible for the new brand's commercial direction) the project sT drinks from the ashes of the old Ural Solo that never had a commercial file in the US.

Now, IMZ is getting ready for following the United States guideline launch the new sT in the framework of the also new T concept.

Leaving the accesories to the minimum, with attractive and modern colours and accurate make-up the new T series seems to give some fresh air to the old russian catalog.

Despite everything the american commercial machina is telling now ("...the motorbike the russian designers always wanted to create and never could", "...the russian police didn't want the riders to run away with faster bikes that the sidecar ones they rode...")IMZ has 3 models designed as solo machines in its portfolio.

The Ural Solo is in fact the first try of the Irbit's factory to create a new machine far way from the sidecar slavery. Then the Ural Wolf, the first (and unique) russian custome bike and finally the successful Retro Experiment (the cornerstone of the new IMZ) put on the road the Ural Retro Solo (The only Ural factory approved in Europe to ride with or without sidecar).

The problems to adjust the engine for complaining the the new and ever more demanding Euro3 rule made the Solo and Wolf bike to be dropped from the european product list.

Now, IMZ is trying it again in the United States with this updated and very interesging propose which will be launch next July 2010.

Ural Moves

Last April 28th the digital magazine published a very interesting interview with Mr.Ilya Chait, manager director of Irbitsky motorcycle Zavod (the company behind the Ural Motorcycles).

During the interview, Mr. Chait makes an analysis of how the world economical crisis is affecting the present and future of the legendary russian company and promotes the releases of the factory.

The internal market has become almost an anecdote. Despite this years it shows a small recovery, Mr. Chait does not hide that the first priority for IMZ is the external market.

He admit that besides all the peculiarities they are finding in each market they try to be present, the United States of America represents the 50% of all the worldwide sales. The rest is shared among the other sales areas.

That makes that all the development plans are targeted to fulfill the challenge the american market means.

Return of all the effort, this 2010 is going to be witness of the last developments the IMZ designers have been working about during the last years.

The new economical and attractive T series is going to protect the release of the new sT motorcycle: The solitary Ural that the siberian factory always wanted to manufacture.

Unfortunately Europe is not going to enjoy the last fine tune of the concept from Irbit. The economical crisis is affecting all the globe and these are the moments the companies need to be active and create new ways to attract customers and make sales, avoiding old marketing systems that maybe today are just not working.

Irbit MotorWorks of America, the United States importer has work hardly to make the Irbit people understand what they need to be successful and release the new T serial and the surprising sT motorcycle.

Ural Motorcycles Europe, have made the same with the Ural Cross. Will it be enough?

Zvole 2010

In just a few moments Zvole 2010 will begin. Developed by tireless and willing Calcetines nothing has been uncontrolled but the wilderness.

Zvole 2010 avoid the confortable and crowded roads. Zvole 2010 is wild, natural and unpredictable.

Targeted to the most intrepid iron machines the rally will pass through mountain routes where only the strongest courage and Ural machines can dare to go.

Zvole began its way in 2009 when called by Calcetines a Ural lovers group met and rode through of the tours Calcetines normally do.

The expedition covered hills and valleys. Crossed rivers and left behind some of the most surprising places of all the iberian peninsula.

Pure adventure. A challange for both men and machines.

We wish the best for this year edition. Zvole 2010 is here. Let them enjoy it!