Ural Moves

Monday, May 3, 2010 8:20 PM Posted by Altair

Last April 28th the digital magazine published a very interesting interview with Mr.Ilya Chait, manager director of Irbitsky motorcycle Zavod (the company behind the Ural Motorcycles).

During the interview, Mr. Chait makes an analysis of how the world economical crisis is affecting the present and future of the legendary russian company and promotes the releases of the factory.

The internal market has become almost an anecdote. Despite this years it shows a small recovery, Mr. Chait does not hide that the first priority for IMZ is the external market.

He admit that besides all the peculiarities they are finding in each market they try to be present, the United States of America represents the 50% of all the worldwide sales. The rest is shared among the other sales areas.

That makes that all the development plans are targeted to fulfill the challenge the american market means.

Return of all the effort, this 2010 is going to be witness of the last developments the IMZ designers have been working about during the last years.

The new economical and attractive T series is going to protect the release of the new sT motorcycle: The solitary Ural that the siberian factory always wanted to manufacture.

Unfortunately Europe is not going to enjoy the last fine tune of the concept from Irbit. The economical crisis is affecting all the globe and these are the moments the companies need to be active and create new ways to attract customers and make sales, avoiding old marketing systems that maybe today are just not working.

Irbit MotorWorks of America, the United States importer has work hardly to make the Irbit people understand what they need to be successful and release the new T serial and the surprising sT motorcycle.

Ural Motorcycles Europe, have made the same with the Ural Cross. Will it be enough?

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