First Iberian Meeting: The crisis couldn't beat it!!!

Friday, July 2, 2010 12:23 PM Posted by Altair

The hangover (rhetorical device) passed away and now only the best moments remain.

Despite the crisis we have around the meeting was a complete success and exceeded all the organization's expectations.

In the south of Europe is not so easy to get 50 Urals together... and that's something all the Portugal and Spain Ural sales responsibles know very well. That's one of the reason they didn't miss the meeting.

Nothing was left. Ural motorbikes everywhere. Modifications and adaptations for all kind of tastes and works. Lot's of nice people willing to talk about their motorbikes.

The attender even had the opportunity to see the only Ural Wolf with a sidecar in the world that the european importer drove from Austria to Toledo.

In short... the Club Amigos da Ural from Portugal had made what we have not the opportunity to see in the whole Iberian Peninsula... the union of Urals from a lot of european countries with the presence of all the Ural distributors involved.

Beyond the regionalisms and despites the distance the Iberian Ural Family had meet.

And we were there!

If you want to check what really happened you can do it here

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